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Votive Relief of Asclepius

    Votive Relief of Asclepius


    Impressed by the god of Medicine Asclepius, we created this exact copy of the relief of Asclepius which is to be found exclusively at the Artpoint Store. On this relief, the god of Medicine, Asclepius is depicted, together with his sons (Podalirius and Machaon, both renowned doctors) and his daughters (Hygeia, Iaso and Aceso) welcoming a family of supplicants (4th century BC). Asclepius is one of the most important personalities in Greek mythology. He was not only a doctor, but also an oracle. He was a beneficent god, a protector and an almighty lifesaver of people. Asclepius, generously helped all people in need, by showing them love and compassion.

    According to the legend, Asclepius' mother was a mortal of noble descent, Coronis, and his father was god Apollo. Asclepius was given to the Centaur Chiron, who raised him and taught him medicine and the healing arts. At some point, Asclepius healed a snake, which in return taught him secret knowledge - snakes were considered divine beings that were wise and could heal. This is how the symbol of Asclepius and later on of healing, was a rod wreathed by a snake. He became a great doctor who cured all diseases through medicine, surgery and magic. However, goddess Athena also took part in his training, offering Asclepius the precious blood of the beheaded Medusa, which had double power: it could be used either to heal people and raise the dead, or to kill and destroy. According to the Greek mythology, Asclepius participated in the expedition of the Argonauts as an excellent healer and doctor, as well as in the Calydonian hunt. He had unique abilities; he healed Proetus' daughters, Ascles; the king of Epidaurus, and many more heroes, reaching the point of resurrecting the dead, such as Tyndareus, Glaucus (son of Minos), Hippolytus (son of Theseus, and goddess Artemis' lover), and others. Pluto (king of Hades) was concerned about the resurrection of the dead and feared for the desolation of his kingdom. Therefore, he complained about it to his brother, Zeus, who killed Asclepius with his thunderbolt so as to restore order. God Apollο tοοk revenge on god Zeus for murdering his son by killing the Cyclops, which had gifted the deadly thunderbolt to Zeus.
    17h x 24,5l x 1,5d cm Weight: 1.047 gr