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The Vergina Sun Earrings

    The Vergina Sun Earrings


    Gold-plated Vergina Sun earrings exclusively designed for the Artpoint Store. The Vergina Sun is a symbol widely used by the ancient Greeks. Although it is a Panhellenic symbol, it became famous because of the Macedonians, who used it as an ideogram for the Argead dynasty in the Kingdom of Macedonia.

    The typical Vergina Sun consists of 16 rays. However, it is often depicted with 12 or even 8 rays of the Sun. The Sun with 16 rays depicts the following: the 4 rays represent the four elements of nature: Earth - Sea - Fire - Air and the remaining 12 rays represent the twelve Gods of Mount Olympus. Dozens of coins and vases bear the symbol of the Vergina Sun and have been found in many parts of Greece, apart from Macedonia. The Sun of Vergina became widely known due to its depiction on the golden larnax of Philip II and Alexander the Great.
    1diam cm Weight: 4 gr