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The Three Angels Brouch Front Side
The Three Angels Brouch

    The Three Angels Brouch


    The gold-plated brooch depicting three angels is designed by the renowned Greek sculptress Mrs. Aspasia Papadoperaki exclusively for the Artpoint Store. In ancient Greece, angels were considered those who transmitted messages or information from one person to another.

    The angels, as a meaning, were also found in Homer's and Herodotus' works. There are lots of forms of angels painted in many vessels, and also depicted in various artworks. God Hermes and goddess Iris were the first ones to be called angels as they were messengers of both god Zeus and goddess Hera. Finally, according to Plato, the were also angels in the Underworld, who were called "malevolent angels". The etymology of the word "angel" comes from the Greek word "angelos" from which the Latin "angelus" is derived that later became "angele" for the French language.
    4,5h x 5,7l x 0,3d cm Weight: 23 gr