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The Lilly Prince Minoan Fresco

    The Lilly Prince Minoan Fresco


    Fresco relief which was found in the palace of Knossos (1550 BC) and depicts a young man walking in a garden. According to the archaeologists, he is the King - High Priest of Knossos.

    He wears a Minoan girdle and has a feather cover on his head. The "Lilly Prince", an emblematic image of the Minoan Crete, comes from a wider composition of embossed frescoes. The male figure is depicted with a colourful collar and belt and has a majestic diadem of lilies and peacock feathers. According to A. Evans, the excavator of the palace of Knossos, he was the "Ruler of Knossos", the "King - Priest", a personification of religious and secular power. Other researchers, suggest different reconstructions of the fragments and interpretations of the fresco, according to which the Prince is seen as an athlete, boxer or ruler in a commanding gesture, while the luxurious diadem is attributed to a priestess or a sphinx.
    14h x 12l x 1,8d cm Weight: 380 gr