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Snake Earrings
Snake Earrings

    Snake Earrings


    The handcrafted snake earrings in silver 925 are an Artpoint exclusive jewel and they are inspired by the significance of snakes in Ancient Greece. The snake is an ancient Greek symbol associated with the god of medicine, Asclepius, who in many myths transforms into a snake.

    God Asclepius is depicted with a rod, where a snake is wrapped around it, and on which he rests. The snake symbolizes rebirth, the primordial life-giving momentum, but also death, good and evil, the light of knowledge and the darkness of unconsciousness. The serpent and the rod, are archaic symbols of life, and are still used today. It is worth mentioning that the goddess of snakes of the Middle-Minoan Crete, is at the same time the life-giver and the nurturer, the goddess of birth, death and rebirth. The topless statues representing her and found in the temple of Knossos, emphasize the elements of fertility, while snakes wrap her arms, chest and head. Finally, the snake, as a phallic symbol, is associated with the male life-giving power, or more broadly with the expression of libido.
    7h x 0,1l cm Weight: 13 gr