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Seated Unicorn

    Seated Unicorn


    Handmade representation of a seated unicorn which symbolizes purity and sincerity. According to the ancient Greek mythology, the unicorns were wild animals in the form of a horse with a horn on the forehead. They were considered very proud creatures to be captured alive.

    They are mentioned by the Greek historian and writer, Ctesias, in his work "Persica" (5th-4th century BC). Based on that work, the unicorn had a white body and a red head with dark blue eyes from which begun a horn with a white base, black middle and a red top. Most importantly, the unicorn was a symbol of the moon, and a creature which belonged to goddess Artemis, since she was the goddess of the moon and hunting. It could also run even faster than the wind, and was characterized by a wild nature, being a very barbaric animal. In addition to this, it is believed that the only ones allowed to ride it, were wild and usually naked people.
    10h x 8,5l x 0,3d cm Weight: 218 gr