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Marble Bird

    Marble Bird


    Mini marble handcrafted white bird. Birds were often mentioned in the Iliad (8th century BC) and they appeared as transmitters between the gods and the humans before a war or a battle, in order to boost the morale of the warriors.

    In the ancient Greek mythology, there are many transformations of people into birds, by the order of gods or deities either for punishment or out of pity. Zeus used to transform many people into birds. Some of them are Neophron the Egyptian who became a vulture, Timandra who became a bee-eater and others. Many times when Zeus appeared to people, he transformed into a bird, sometimes he became an eagle, sometimes a cuckoo and sometimes a swan. According to a legend from the city of Argos, the first time Zeus mingled with Hera, he was converted into a Cuckoo, as a symbol of spring and the fertile union of the gods. One of the adjectives given to goddess Athena by the citizens of Megara was "Aethyia". According to the legend, the goddess was transformed into an Aethyia (duck) in order to safely transport Cecrops to Megara under her wings.
    4,7h x 6,5l x 2d cm Weight: 98 gr