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Helmet with a Meander Design

    Helmet with a Meander Design

    • Material: Bronze
    • Product Type: Home
    • Barcode: 2006001718

    Replica of a helmet with a meander design which was believed to bring more luck to the warriors during the battle. The helmets were used to protect the bearer's head during the war.

    The helmets in Ancient Greece, were made either of wood or metal; they first appeared in the 8th century BC and gradually evolved until the middle of the 5th century BC. They were used to protect the bearer's head during the war. Their top was decorated with a crest from horse tail. Herodotus states that this armour (helmet) originated from the area of Corinth. The art of making it, was similar to the art of making metal utensils and thus required great skill. The Corinthian helmet is characteristic because it covered the entire head and neck with slots for the eyes and mouth, while it also had a paragnathus. The ancient Greeks often decorated the helmets with the meander symbol as it symbolized -among other things- victory.
    15h x 5l x 2d cm Weight: 400 gr