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Golden Ring Pearl Zircon

    Golden Ring Pearl Zircon

    • Material: Gold
    • Product Type: Ring
    • Barcode: 2006002319

    Inspired by the pearl, which in antiquity used to symbolize the queen of the ocean, we designed a golden 14k ring with a black pearl and zircon.

    Pearls for the ancient Greeks symbolized purity, power, authority, wealth, happiness and virtue. In ancient Greece, the pearls were dedicated to goddess Aphrodite (Venus de Milo), the goddess of beauty, who according to the myth, emerged from the water through a shell and could therefore be compared to a precious pearl. It is believed that all the precious stones as well as the pearl, have therapeutic properties. For instance, the pearls stimulate the function of the kidneys and spleen, relieve and treat those suffering from stones or sand in the kidneys, and also cleanse the blood.
    1,8diam cm Weight: 2 gr