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Godess Nike of Samothrace

    Godess Nike of Samothrace


    Coloured handcrafted statue of Nike of Samothrace, the goddess of victory. The prototype marble sculpture belongs to the Hellenistic period and was found in the sanctuary of the Great Gods in the island of Samothrace.

    It represents the winged goddess Nike, who descends from the sky, to announce the victory of the fleet in a battle (210-190BC). Goddess Nike, in Greek mythology is the winged goddess which symbolizes victory. Her special feature are the wings that spread triumphantly over the earthly world. In literature, the statue appears for the first time in the works of Hesiod, while its earliest representations date back to the first half of the 6th century BC. Nike was the daughter of Titan Pallas and Styx, while according to another tradition, she was the daughter of god Ares. She belongs to the first divine generation and is more ancient than the Olympian gods. Her personification was to bring and to announce victory. The statue is one of the most famous ancient Greek statues, and is associated with a significant naval victory. It is not still specified with which naval victory it is connected to. Most probably though, it is connected to the fleet of Rhodes, after its decisive naval victories in 190 BC. The original location of the statue in Samothrace is known owing to excavations. The goddess is dressed in a thin tunic touching her body, as she moves swiftly forward, forming thinner and thicker pleats elsewhere; while a thick cloak is wrapped around her limbs, leaving her left leg partially uncovered. The outstretched wings (of which only the left one survives today) also emphasize her intense movement. The exact position of the hands is not yet known, and therefore the representation of the statue remains incomplete. However, the worldwide admiration for the sculptural skills with which the statue is made, remains.
    20,5h x 11l x 2,5d cm Weight: 555 gr