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Evil Eye Ring

    Evil Eye Ring

    • Material: Gold
    • Product Type: Ring
    • Barcode: 2006002318

    Inspired by the evil eye we designed this 14k gold evil eye ring which protects us from bad luck and negative energy. Ancient Greeks believed in the evil eye and found ways to prevent it. Evil eye is considered to be a curse that is given by a glare which has negative intensions

    . Any negative emotion, can cause the evil eye (mati) curse, for example anger or even jealousy. It is believed that the curse itself, causes bad things to happen to the person who has received it, such as headaches and even a string of bad luck. Wearing a special evil eye charm, also called a "mati", is said to help prevent the curse from even happening. In Ancient Greece there also used to be two black eyes painted on vessels which were used not only as a pattern but also against the "mati".
    1,8diam cm Weight: 2 gr