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Doves' Bookmark

    Doves' Bookmark


    This elegant handmade dove bookmark from stainless steel, is inspired by the doves' symbolism in Ancient Greece. Doves were a symbol of peace, innocence and purity and were occasionally used as messengers which were dedicated to goddess Aphrodite (Venus de Milo).

    They appear as a decorative element in vases and jewellery. According to the ancient Greek mythology, Peristera (Dove) was a Nymph in the Aphrodite sequence. Her transformation was the outcome of a game between Aphrodite and Eros, into which Peristera approached uninvited. One day, Aphrodite and Eros were having fun picking flowers, and they were even competing as to who would collect more. The goddess let Eros win, but Peristera intervened to help her and Aphrodite won in the end. Eros became angry for losing the game, and transformed the Nymph into a dove. Yet, Aphrodite established the dove as her favourite bird. Often in pottery painting, Aphrodite appears with doves, while their presence indicates a love affair. Also, the doves were used in ancient Greece to announce the results of the Olympic games. Last but not least, dove breeding was a widespread activity in ancient Athens.
    5,5h x 5l x 0,1d cm Weight: 5 gr