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Delphic Epsilon Pendant

    Delphic Epsilon Pendant


    Τhe significance of the "Delphic Epsilon" prodded us to create this silver pendant that is ideal to be used as an amulet. The "Delphic Epsilon" is an Ancient Greek symbol associated with man's initiation into the light. For this reason, it was located at the Temple of god Apollo in Delphi.

    Specifically it was placed at the top of the gable of the Temple, and in the lower left corner of the gable, any visitor could see the phrase "knowledge of one's self" (γνώθι σ'αυτόν in the Greek language) while in the lower right of the same gable, there was another important phrase: "nothing in excess" (μηδέν άγαν in the Greek language). Respectively, the letter Epsilon symbolizes the trinity, and this is why there was a threefold placement on the gable of the Apollonian temple: one in wood, the second in copper and the third version in pure gold. The letter Epsilon (E) as a number, is denoted by the number 5 which, amongst other things, is related to the four cosmogonic elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire and the Ether (sky) which is the quintessence (5th element). All of the above, compose the Human being. According to the Pythagoreans the number 5 (the Pentas) represents marriage, the union of male and female reconciliation as well as harmony. The Pentas was dedicated to goddess Aphrodite (Venus). It is worth mentioning, that in the island of Samothrace, ceramic dishes have been found which were used in ceremonies of the Kaverian Mysteries. Half of them, were engraved with a Θ (Theta letter) and the rest with an E (Epsilon letter). Both symbolize the Divine. The first as the centre of the Universe, and the second as the Unification of All.
    2,3h x 1,9l cm / Adjustable: 22 - 40 cm Weight: 1 gr