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Bust of Godess Artemis
Bust of Godess Artemis

    Bust of Godess Artemis


    Handmade bust of goddess Artemis in a coloured version. She was the goddess of hunting, war and the moon, and was the protector of wild animals, mountains, forests and little girls. Artemis was born in the island of Delos and was the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the twin sister of god Apollo.

    Goddess Artemis inhabited in springs and rivers. She wore a bow and arrow, and was accompanied by Nymphs and a wild deer. She also had healing abilities and contributed in the healing of sick people. As a lunar deity, she was identified with the subterranean goddess Hecate. In Brauron, Attica, there was a sanctuary dedicated to her, known as "Artemis Brauronia". The goddess was worshiped as the protector of fertility, labour and childbirth and when the birth was good, women would pledge their child to the goddess and dedicate their clothes to her. The adjective “Tauropolos” from the Greek word "tavros" (bull), signifies that the bull was also one of her symbols. In various monuments, Artemis is depicted on a chariot drawn by two speedy bulls holding a torch in her hand and above her head the crescent moon shines.
    22h cm / Base: 7l x 7d cm Weight: 1.095 gr