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Bust of Aristotle

    Bust of Aristotle


    Bronze handmade bust of the well-known philosopher, Aristotle.

    Aristotle was the most versatile and methodical philosopher of antiquity. He studied at Plato's academy, and remained there for twenty years until the death of his teacher. After receiving an invitation from the King of Macedonia, Philip II, he went to Pella and undertook the education of Alexander. In 335 BC he returned to Athens and founded his own school, the "Lyceum", which developed into a higher intellectual institution and gave Aristotle the opportunity to write his greatest works there. Those cover many sciences such as physics, biology and politics. His top creation "The Athenian Institution" earned him a reputation as one of the most important philosophers of all times. His works were translated into Arabic, and became widely known in the medieval West (348-322 BC).
    18h x 8l cm / Base: 2,8d cm Weight: 1.168 gr