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Bust of a Minotaur
Bust of a Minotaur
Bust of a Minotaur

    Bust of a Minotaur


    Coloured bust version of the Minotaur, which according to the Greek mythology was a creature with a human body and a bull's head and tail.

    Minotaur's real name was Asterion. He lived in the Labyrinth, a building made by Daedalus at the command of King Minos of Crete. According to another version, Taurus was a handsome young man, who had fallen in love with Pasiphae (daughter of god Sun), and with whom he mingled. Their son was Minotaur. This unpredictable and mysterious animal, with its great strength and deep delusional gaze, which caused storms, ruled the marshes and could lift the whole world with its horns. Hence, a multitude of symbols and ceremonies was created by the bull. The pair of his horns was worshiped; was used as one of the main religious instruments, and was a symbol of power of the Minoan civilization (2700 - 1500 BC).
    26h x 10l cm / Base: 6,5d cm Weight: 970 gr