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Anthemion Ring

    Anthemion Ring


    Adjustable silver 925 flower-shaped ring handcrafted exclusively for the Artpoint Store. The anthemion (palmette), a term derived from the Greek word “anthos” (flower), is a stylized flower used as a decorative theme. In ancient Greek culture, the anthemion symbolized wealth and prosperity, and it appeared very often in burial buildings and tombstones.

    It often adorned temples and buildings (6th century BC). It is worth mentioning that the Parthenon had edges at the corners of its gables with statues of Nike, and two large palmettes adorned the tops of the western and eastern gables. These palmettes, depict acanthus leaves and palm trees. Acanthus is a characteristic flower of Attica found on the hillside of the sacred rock (Acropolis) for thousands of years; while the palm tree is considered to be a symbol of power, glory and wealth.
    2diam cm / Adjustable Weight: 9 gr