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Ancient Greek Mirror

    Ancient Greek Mirror

    • Material: Bronze
    • Product Type: Home
    • Barcode: 2006001892

    Influenced by the importance of the mirror in antiquity, we designed this replica exclusively for our store. Women in Ancient Greece used to look at their figure on a bronze surface or copper and silver sheets, which they had to polish first, in order to shine.

    The mirror's scientific name is "copper folding mirror" and dates back to the 3rd century BC. As a word, the "katoptron" (mirror), appears for the first time in Aeschylus's work and means the reflective property of water. The main material of the mirror was copper, which was mixed with various metals, depending on the eras. According to Aristotle, "mirrors were invented for man to get to know himself." A small number of Greek mirrors were large enough to reflect a person’s entire figure. In Greece, we are acquainted with three types of mirrors: the mirrors with a handle (made of metal, ivory or wood), the mirrors with a base (to be used leaning), and the mirrors in a box-shaped case, the well-known "compasses" that we see in museums. Most mirrors were ornamented with images of the gods —especially, Pan, god of the wild; Eros, god of desire; and Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love.
    0,7d x 14diam cm Weight: 635 gr