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Alexander the Great Pendant

    Alexander the Great Pendant


    We created this rare version of Alexander the Great on a gold-plated pendant with a leather string, so that it can be worn on a daily basis. Alexander the Great was one of the greatest generals in history.

    He considered himself the son of the Egyptian god Ammon Zeus, and a descendant of Achilles and Hercules, which his contemporaries also believed, as they could not otherwise explain his extraordinary personality. However, his biological parents were Philip II of Macedonia and Olympia, daughter of the king of Epirus, Neoptolemus. His origin was therefore Doric, because both the Macedonians and the Epirotes were Dorians. From his father, Alexander inherited the acute perception, organizational skills and speed of action; and from his mother, Alexander inherited ambition, pride and strong will. During childhood, he was educated by Leonidas the Molossian, and Lysimachus the Acarnanus. At the age of 13, he studied next to the renowned philosopher, Aristotle. The great philosopher educated him with the Greek ideals and stimulated his admiration and love for the Greek spirit and culture. At the age of 20, Alexander the Great became the king of Macedonia, after the assassination of his father in 336 BC, continuing his work and evolving the Macedonian Kingdom. He conquered most of the known world, reaching as far as the outskirts of India. He is dated to have lived on 356 up to 323 BC.
    5h x 4l x 0,3d cm / Leather Cord: 46l cm Weight: 34 gr



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