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The Juror's Ballot

    The Juror's Ballot

    • Material: Bronze
    • Product Type: Home
    • Barcode: 2006001538

    We designed a copy of the Juror's Ballot in order to emphasize the importance of justice in Ancient Greece during the Golden Era of Pericles. This makes a perfect gift for lawyers and judges, and is an Artpoint Store exclusive product. In the ancient Athenian State the administration of justice was one of the leading expressions of Athenian democracy.

    The most important law courts were the Areopagus and the Heliaea. All the Athenian citizens in the age of 30 could take part in the court of law of Heliaea. The jurors could express their decision by using the juror's ballot, two small bronze discs bearing the inscription "Public Ballot", with a protruding vertical element at the centre of the disk. This "stem" was pierced for votes to convict, and solid for acquittals. During the voting itself, the juror put the ballot of his own choice in the ballot box and the second one to other vessel, in a discrete way preserving the secrecy of his vote (4th century BC).
    18,5h x 9l x 2d cm Weight: 525 gr